Widowed and Writing

I was married for six and a half years before becoming a widow in 2019.  This experience transformed me from person who reads to person who writes. Spoiler alert: I still have no idea how to properly use a comma.

What’s on my Mind

Bathsheba, the Widow

I recently stumbled across a TikTok which said, “Think of how different David’s life would have been if a certain woman would have been a bit more careful in guarding her modesty.” That is (those of you who don’t like cursing skip ahead) total fucking bullshit. Quick recap on Bathsheba for those of you who…

A Youthful Affirmation of Faith

Recently my church celebrated confirmation Sunday. This is the Sunday where the confirmands (who are usually 12-13 years old) profess their faith and become full members of the congregation. It is a culmination of one year’s worth of study, mentorship, and discussions. The fruit of those discussions are complied into an affirmation of faith that…

What Can Widows Teach us About Easter?

Short answer: everything Easter is God’s ultimate redemption. We say, “Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.” We sing, “Death where is thy victory, grave where is thy sting?” As K.J. Ramsey recently posted, “God hangs on the hard wood of humanity’s hatred and death becomes a door.” I see this so clearly in the…

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