A Tale of Two Churches

I will never go back to a contemporary church. But Sarah-never say never. In general, that’s wise advice; but in this case I feel pretty confident with my never. I’ve attended a large variety of churches from United Methodist to Assembly of God to Baptist to Presbyterian. I’ve been to big churches and small churchesContinue reading “A Tale of Two Churches”

Self-Care for my Widow Self

Self-care. What a trendy buzzword. But what does it really mean? Well, like I always tell my students, “when you come to an unknown word try breaking it down.” If you take it at face value it just means care for your self-care for you. Sounds simple, yet even my 8th graders could tell youContinue reading “Self-Care for my Widow Self”

You Should Make a Profile

I loved being married. I loved having a partner. And while I do believe I can have a happy, contented, fulfilled, meaningful life as a single woman; I would also like to be married again. But I’m not in high school anymore and I’ve already finished college…and grad school…and grad school again. Once you finishContinue reading “You Should Make a Profile”